Mother’s Day Project Roundup

CRAFT: Make It for Mom
Mother’s Day seems to have snuck up on just about everyone this year, so I’m guessing that you don’t have your act together either. Here are a few last-minute projects for you to make for all the mamas in your life!
I love the torn silk edging on this Mother’s Day Liberty Scarf from Purl Bee (although of course any silk prints will do).

What a great idea! Give Mom one of your favorite books, and slip this knit bookmark inside. You’ve got two days to finish, so get started! (Via Whip Up.)

What better way to pamper a mama than with these cushy DIY spa slippers?

We Like it Wild has a nice bouquet recipe for creating a “natural, garden-style” bouquet with just a few spectacular blossoms.
This strawberry tart would surely be the star of your Mother’s Day brunch, don’t you think?

And here’s a little present for yourself: a printable Mother’s Day door hanger!

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