“Multiple Kill Vehicle Test” video…

“Multiple Kill Vehicle Test” video…

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Wow, this video of the “Multiple Kill Vehicle Test” is crazy, it’s some type of weapon from Lockheed Martin and it’s scary. That said, what an amazing project and precision rocketry…

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  1. Audin Malmin says:

    Certainly interesting technology. But a colossal waste of money and resources. Think of all the worthwhile things we could have done with the money that went into this.

  2. Odin84gk says:

    The technology required to support this kind of accuracy and speed will be of paramount importance to future development. Not only does the military invest in booster technology, but the companies that support the military are encouraged to invest in newer technology. The technology trickles down to the most basic level and then spreads through the industry.

    This is the kind of technology that we Should be supporting. I can understand wanting to lower our ammunition/gasoline expense (Million dollar airplane flights), but not on research.

  3. dnny says:

    I just try to imagine how can you sleep after you have designed something like this.

  4. zof says:

    You probably sleep better at night knowing that you helped to defend yourself and the rest of your countrymen from the people trying to kill you.

    No matter how horrific the 2 atomic bombs that fell on Japan were, they saved lives in the long run. Imagine an invasion of Japan happening how many civilians would have died for the honor of their country fighting soldiers block to block.

    Sometimes peace is brought from the stroke of a pen, and sometimes its brought from the stroke of a sword. Until the day comes that people can stop hating each other and start working together weapons like this will be necessary.

  5. Perry Jones says:

    The MKV is part of the US missile defense shield. It’s a mobile platform to launch missile interceptors.

    You could certain argue about whether it’s worth the money, but I doubt it keeps the designers up at night.

  6. James says:

    That’s all I have to say.

  7. Name says:

    Does that qualify as a stealth weapon?

    (They’d never hear it coming.)

  8. BigD145 says:

    Colossal waste of money. It won’t stop someone from flying a plane into a building or setting off a fertilizer bomb in a skyscraper or growing poppy or feeding anyone or any number of things that either are attacks in and of themselves or cause people to arrange attacks on some target. The US dominates in the production of everything it can shoot down, so this thing is designed to take down US-based weaponry. I guess it’ll work just fine if a US ICBM facility goes rogue and the Pentagon is in control of a working Multiple Kill Vehicle.

  9. Hurf Durf says:

    A colossal waste of money? Sweetheart, are there going to be less or more countries with ICBMs in the future? Less or more countries with nuclear weapons?

    And will these countries be run by less, more or about the same number of homicidal, religious or just plain shitbag evil bastards bent on world domination?

    Have you forgotten history? Do you not see what’s going on around the world?

    Just because somebody can stab you doesn’t mean you stop worrying about guns.

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