Multiplo Open-Source Robotics Kits: New in the Maker Shed


I first caught a glimpse of Multiplo at Maker Faire in 2011, and knew we had to carry it. Last year they launched a successful KickStarter campaign, and now Multiplo is available in the Maker Shed. Multiplo isn’t a robotics kit per-say; it’s a system for building and learning robotics. It’s completely open-source – not only is the DuinoBot “brain” based on Arduino, all the components are freely downloadable as STLs for 3D printing from their website. Programming is using one of two software packages; A version of the Arduino IDE called DuinoPack, which is optimized to work with Multiplo, or graphically based package called miniBloq for a drag-and-drop experience. The miniBloq code view lets you see the Arduino code in real time, making it a great first step into into robotics and physical computing.

The Starter Kit (example above) is great for anyone wanting to start out in robotics. It features the DuinoBot controller, 2 gear motors, an IR remote (plus sensor), 2 IR sensors, 2 light sensors, mechanical parts, nuts and bolts, tools and USB cable.


The Building Kit includes everything featured in the Starter Kit, plus 2 servos, an ultrasonic sensor, 2 LED beacons, and mechanical parts such as gears and a gripper with touch sensor. It’s great for makers of any skill level who don’t like being constrained by typical kits.

Both kits come in a plastic “tackle” style box for storage. Whichever kit you choose will bring nearly endless possibilities, creativity, and fun. Check them out now in the Maker Shed!

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