Musical MIDI sofa

Musical MIDI sofa

Sofa A German designer calling himself Seppoman has built a Midibox control system into a sofa. If two people are sitting down, they can output three control values – left and right buttock weight and how far the person is leaning back. Obviously, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Previously, Seppoman built an incredibly cool rackmounted Commodore 64 SID synth. [via] Link.

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  1. matt_de_chiggers says:

    This was done at least 3 years ago at Georgia Tech:

    “With so much creative juice oozing from the engineering sector, it’s no surprise that the group makes most of its controllers from scratch. They design and perform with instruments that use an infrared sensor to measure the distance from a mallet or hand to the playing surface, and created three 8′ x 10′ MIDI panels wired with triggers. One of their most creative controllers is the MIDI couch – a pullout sofa with 25 triggers and built-in speakers (subwoofer included) – designed to create deep grooves while watching TV!”

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