Myth Confirmed: Mythbusters Announces Final Season

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Myth Confirmed: Mythbusters Announces Final Season
“Sorry Buster, we didn’t know the show would last for 14 years either. Keep sending your goodbyes using #MythYouGuys.” via Mythbusters Twitter

In the season trailer for Mythbusters, Jaimie Hyneman and Adam Savage confirm that this will be the end of the popular show. They also confirmed that it will be freaking awesome!

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The show has run for 14 years. Lets just take that in for a moment, 14 years of experimenting and playfully blowing stuff up. That’s incredible! There is an entire generation of people who went through the formative years of their childhood with Mythbusters. Combining basic scientific principles with the joy of building crazy things and blowing stuff up is a wonderful cause and Savage and Hyneman have certainly earned their place in the hearts and minds of many makers.

The two hosts opened up in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the end of the series in separate interviews.  Savage explains what he’ll be doing afterward:

“I’m definitely going to do more television, behind and in front of the camera. I love producing this show and figuring out how to structure the episodes. I’m going to jump into the website I’m looking forward to visit Comic-Con.”

While Hyneman says he’d probably prefer to stay behind the camera in the future. One interesting topic that Hyneman tackled was the engineering aspect of the show. Often, purists bring up that what you see on the show teeters between entertainment and science, and this topic was something that Hyneman struggled with himself.

“There are always compromises, always give and take. But we are somewhat unique in that space. And the general way this was set up, and the way it had to be set up, is that around 50 percent of what we do is actual science and engineering. We had to do this daily dance of interacting with the camera and with production people who have totally different priorities about what’s going on than I do. It’s a difficult and unique process. The filmmakers often give priority to the results. I know some reality TV programs that present themselves as giving you something that’s real when in reality it’s totally contrived. Mythbusters is not at all that way. There are times when compromises have to be made that can be frustrating to somebody like myself who’s a purist for the engineering and not in it for a desire to be on television. It’s about building something I might not have access to otherwise. So it’s understandable that I’d get frustrated when I get pulled in another direction.”

You can say your goodbyes to the two by tweeting #Mythyouguys at them. We know we will.

Lets reminisce a bit about the past decade of Mythbusters. Share your favorite Mythbusters moments in the comments below.

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