Name the MAKE race team!

Name the MAKE race team!

Make Pt0390
Ok Makers here’s a fun one – we have a race team. We’ll have a LeMons car (the car is an Escort, but not the one pictured above) – but what we don’t have is a team name. This is where you come in, name our racing team! If we pick yours I’ll send you out some cool stuff for the Maker store and you’ll be part of history! Here are some names that were tossed around to get you started! These are examples only, don’t use these.

  • Driving Insane
  • Make: Dorks in Motion
  • Make: DIY Hard
  • The 88 Horses of Make (the car has a factory rating of 88hp)
  • The Crazy 88
  • Make’s e Do-it-Your-Own-Damn-Selfers
  • The Makequake
  • Make:Believe!
  • Make:Like a racecar
  • Sleek Geeks
  • Make:Drive:Repeat
  • Power Conductor
  • Make’s The Soldering Iron in the Eye Fighting Dorks Superfast Racing Team
  • Ford Almighty
  • The Spirit of Silverlake
  • The Full-Bladder Sprinters
  • The Fleet Ford Freaks of Fast
  • The Speedbot Wranglers

These won’t do, we need your help. START YOUR ENGINES – post up in the comments!

280 thoughts on “Name the MAKE race team!

  1. B. Martin says:

    Make: Fast

  2. Tracy Medlin says:

    MAKE:shift Racing

  3. Luke Blackford says:


  4. mattyfu says:

    Drive fast then DIY

  5. Dirkus says:


  6. Vulcanis says:

    Duct Tape and Paperclips

  7. Vulcanis says:

    Warranty Void

  8. fred says:

    DIY Racecar

  9. skycow0007 says:

    Make: Left Turns

  10. Frank says:

    Weighted Companion Racers

  11. eccramer says:

    Oh My God, two of my favorite things, Make and LeMons hoonage shenanigans! AWESOME! Anyway, I agree with Vulcanis, Warranty Void or Duct Tape and Paperclips sounds awesome. However, for the livery, I suggest copying my Forza car that I got frontpaged for back in August:

    Of course, do it up in spraypaint, but I would be so pumped if my Forza spray had at least a little bit of inspiration for the Make LeMons hoonmobile.

  12. Maxd says:

    MAKE: Pollution

  13. deviezeman says:

    Make: skidmarks

  14. Thomas Kunka says:

    Afflicted by Inertia

  15. Jon Hodgins says:

    Race: 88

  16. icanryme2002 says:

    Make’s The Soldering Iron in the Eye Fighting Dorks Superfast Racing Team just beat car and driver

  17. WadeWilson says:

    Make: We can open it, We do own it.

  18. Josh N says:


    Make: Me A Winner!


  19. Weirdguy says:

    OMG…. YES

    Make: Left Turns

  20. Jake von Slatt says:


  21. Dave Stein says:

    Make: EscortGo

  22. SilverPill says:

    Make: Way!

  23. Tim says:

    Make:No Brakes!

  24. Jack says:

    The Incredible-Indelible Petrol-Powered Locomotion Engine


    “The Duct tape Deathtrap”

    The Maneuverable Accelerating Kombustion Engine (“MAKE”)

    Make: 4 wheels, a dream, and a s***-load of duct tape.

  25. Macadaciouse says:

    Make:it fast
    Make:Technology in Space/Time
    Make:It Steampunk*
    *more of a suggestion than a name

  26. Jordi says:

    Make: Horse Power!!
    Make: Wheels!

  27. Shadyman says:

    Make:Like a racer and drive
    The Makemobile
    The Great Make Eighty-Eight

    Dirkus, deviezeman, you beat me to Make:Tracks and Make:Skidmarks!

  28. industrial_strength_bard says:

    I LOVE IT!!


    Sounds great to me.

  29. Dave Stein says:

    Make: LeMonade
    Make: Better
    Make: Like a Rock and Roll

  30. Dave Stein says:

    Make: YMMV

  31. eccramer says:

    Oooh, even better, Make:Haste

  32. blubrick says:


    Make:It Go

    LeMons Lemmings (Gotta paint it green, though)

  33. blubrick says:

    Make:or Break!

  34. Make: says:

    Removing this sticker Voids Warranty

  35. Philip says:

    “If We Break it We Can Remake it”
    “Make on rubber”

  36. zof says:

    Make: It Pimpin
    Make: Pimp it!
    Lock out tag out
    Make: WTF!!1!
    Make: Engine not included
    Make: Hacked (To Pieces)
    I live in my mothers basement

    Thats all I got

  37. Lenore says:


  38. blubrick says:

    DIY Trying!

  39. Cybered says:

    what about:

    the Make:avelic team !!


  40. GeekDad Ken says:

    Hong Kong Cavaliers
    (there’s a deep geek reference there)

  41. GeekDad Ken says:

    Hong Kong Cavaliers
    (there’s a deep geek reference there)

  42. GeekDad Ken says:

    Hong Kong Cavaliers
    (there’s a deep geek reference there)

  43. Dako says:

    Warranty Voiders
    Circuit Friers

  44. kat says:

    MAKE it Don’t Brake it

    Go Ahead: MAKE my DIY

  45. KojimaGTR says:

    Make: Way
    Make Way: Mobile
    Jet Set Makers
    Sonic Doom
    Day Makers, Nightime Racers

  46. KojimaGTR says:

    Make: eS Cargo

    Made in Silver Lake

    Don’t MAKEzine us made!

    All jacked up



    Make: It’s in the bag

  47. Barry says:

    M33T Your Makers (with 33 in case you need a racing number)

    WAKE (with M into W)– (take it however you find it — mostly I think of it in funereal terms.)


    Escort Service

  48. KojimaGTR says:

    Mike Alpha Kilo Echo : M.A.K.E.

    Make’s Automic Kraft Evolution Revolution : M.A.K.E.R.

  49. elkosmas says:


    an homage to Ford Perfect

  50. KojimaGTR says:

    Ma2Ke2 ZiNE2 (written as a molecular formula)

  51. Garret says:


  52. macegr says:

    MAKE: Love Not War

    Frauenfelder’s Folly

    P.T. Wrecking & Towing

    Meet Your Makers

    You Have No Chance To Survive MAKE: Your Time

  53. denots says:



  54. Hedge says:

    C’mon how has noone thought of this yet?

    Make: It so.


    Make: It so, #1

  55. Chris Molloy says:

    The Messcort

    MAKE: A Pass

  56. evotistical says:

    MAKE: More Power!

  57. bdv says:

    team name:

    The Circuit Benders

  58. Shawn Hines says:

    Driving With Scissors

  59. maneuver says:

    Warranty Voiders

    League Of Extraordinary Make:men (or Makermen)

    The Combustion Propulsion something

  60. doc says:


  61. Yamantalai says:

    Car Name Suggestions:

    Team Name Suggestions:
    MAKE:PE+KE (If you didn’t get it, think TME)

  62. doc says:

    the serviceables
    diyers club
    m.a.d.i.y.(like m.a.d.d.)
    qualified service personnel
    make team go!

  63. doc says:


  64. Peter Bunyan says:

    how about:

    Make: improving on your time?
    (not a very good job, but you get the idea!)


  65. doc says:

    bomb squad
    we make void

  66. doc says:

    void makers

  67. macmaniac says:


  68. Lukino says:

    Race It Yourself

  69. bdv says:

    team name:


    (Race the F*cking Machine)

  70. ruddwd says:

    Making All Kareen Evasively

    Making All Drive Evasively
    Mobile Arduino Driving Experience

    Garage World Tour

    got tools?

  71. Armandas says:

    sudo make install

  72. lemons fan says:

    I was at the inaugural 24hrs of lemons at flat rock speedway in MI!

    I really like the above ideas:
    Make: Left Turns
    Make: shift Racing

    I don’t have a good team name, but they should put this on the bumper:
    Drive it like you Made it

  73. Cementtruck says:

    MAKE: -anical Advantage
    on the MAKE:
    LeMon -ator
    MAKE: Tracks
    MAKE: Haste
    MAKE: Way
    MAKE: Zoom x3
    DIY Neckbrace
    DIY Body Cast

  74. PC says:

    M.A.K.E. Most Agressive Kar Exist
    M.A.K.E. My Adventure Kar extravaganza

  75. skatos says:

    Make: SPEED
    Make for SPEED

  76. pepik says:


  77. d-sier says:

    Only user servicable parts inside
    Originaly remaid
    Running out of waranty
    Waranty void

  78. Tyrone says:

    1.21 Jigawatts

  79. Rich says:

    MAKE: E-racers

  80. redleader36 says:


  81. redleader36 says:

    MacGyver Racing

  82. Markus says:

    Cannonball Bums
    Escort Services
    Fiddlers under the Hood

  83. Mad Scott says:

    Make: Warp 9
    Make: Believe we’re winning
    Make: Yottaflops

    (I like Make: Guyver from above)

  84. Honk Honk Blarg says:

    Hertz Donut

    I really like the suggested Make: Believe and Make: Shift.

  85. Honk Honk Blarg says:

    Hertz Donut

    I really like the suggested Make: Believe and Make: Shift.

  86. Stephp says:

    How about

  87. Rob Terrell says:


  88. Rob Terrell says:


  89. Mike Brubaker says:

    Crotch Hertz
    Team Maker-Packer

  90. Falco says:

    Make: it to the finish

  91. Josh N says:

    Make: Our Own Trophy

  92. Alex Curbelo says:

    MAKE: it

    MAKE: #1

    MAKE: No. 1

    MAKE: Number One

    MAKE: Number 1

    MAKE: Sense

    MAKE: me something

    MAKE: It 2 da Finish

    Meet Your MAKEr

    The MAKEr Team

    MAKE: me a sandwich

    MAKEr Mashup

    MAKE Z-Nerds

  93. Electromancer says:

    Ooh, Shiny! (maybe it will distract the other drivers)
    But more importantly what is your battle cry?

    GeekDad Ken – I’m going to have to go to the video store, I haven’t seen that in a while.

  94. redleader36 says:

    Altoid Tin Racing, (ATR)
    Made: Ford Tough
    Re-Built Ford Tough
    Have you Modded a Ford lately?
    Have you Made: a Ford Lately?
    I Make: for Checkered Flags
    Make: Bold Moves

    I love Make:Shift, It sounds so nissan

  95. Cyenobite says:

    I agree with first post with small modification:
    A few more…


  96. Alex Curbelo says:

    MAKE: it snappy


  97. Martin Ashton says:

    Instead of:

    “Shake and Bake”
    “MAKE: and Bake”
    “Shake and MAKE”

  98. Tim Morgan says:

    A couple of possible names:

    Open Road
    Maker:Go Faster

  99. sonny says:

    make:mustaches extraordinaire
    make:way for prince ali
    the make:hog
    the instructables

  100. Daniel Collotte says:

    Speed MAKEr

  101. zombiejellyfish says:

    Team FaerieKill 6000
    Burt Reynold’s Mustache – The Team
    SeXboX 360
    The Amish
    The Really Fast Tea Party
    The Slender Dandies
    Danger Zone (only good if you wear flight suits and play volleyball)
    The Communist Party

  102. Dro Kulix says:

    M2E2 (MMEE): Make Magazine Eighty-Eight

    (In the vein of KITT. Wish it turned out better. :-)

  103. sonny says:

    the make:beards
    the snake beards

  104. K-tWizel says:

    Make:Team_Violate “Opened… Owned!”

  105. Erik Meinke says:

    Race fast or DIY hard.

    Live free or Die Hard is one of my favorite movies

  106. Erik Meinke says:

    Race fast or DIY hard.

    Live free or Die Hard is one of my favorite movies

  107. Daniel Morgan says:

    1. O’Reilly Fast
    2. ORLY Fast

  108. amp says:

    1) MAKE: it to the finish
    2) Team Slideways
    3) Drive It Yourself
    4) MAKE: Drive It Yourself (DIY)
    5) MAKE:3R
    6) Meet your MAKE:3R
    7) MAKE:3R’s
    8) Formula MAKE:
    9) MAKE: mine fast
    10) Motoring A Krappy Escort

    Don’t forget to tighten the nut behind the wheel before the race!

  109. amp says:

    Let’s make it an even dozen.

    11) MAKE: it happen
    12) MAKE: racing on our time

  110. Josh says:


  111. CHAD says:

    MAKE:Circuit Board Killers

    Circuit Board Killers

    Circuit Killers

    Circuit R US — revers the R

    Circuit Benders

    Team Circuit

    FMM – Formula Make Mag

    Circuit is my word of the day!!!

  112. Mightysinetheta says:

    Ride or DIY

  113. cerrid says:

    O^2I^2 (“mathematical” version of Open It. Own It., where ^2 is supposed to be squared)

  114. Jrod says:

    make: 42
    make: ftw
    dire maker

  115. Gadre says:


  116. Gadre says:


  117. Gadre says:

    McWheels (more appropriate if McDonalds makes a car)

  118. Gadre says:

    raCrekaM (MakerCar spelt backwards)

  119. Gadre says:


  120. Gadre says:


  121. Gadre says:


  122. Gadre says:


  123. starvinron says:


  124. Slingshotkid18 says:

    Make: and Bake!

  125. Slingshotkid18 says:

    Make: and Bake!

  126. rwo says:

    Make: Out
    Make: Outrageous
    Make: Out Back
    Make:’N it go

  127. whatsisface says:

    88: Miles an hour

  128. Molly says:

    Paint it yellow and call it Eleanor.

  129. Jamesdtx says:

    Energy over Time

  130. Jamesdtx says:

    Energy over Time

  131. Dako says:

    Initial M

  132. Brosef says:

    The Incredible Ho bot

    Car bot extreme

    Dial M for Make


    Go Make Racer…Go!

    Formula Make

  133. Matt says:

    MAKE Stuff

    MAKE: Driving for Dummies

    Don’t MAKE Fun!

  134. fxsaucedo says:

    proposed team name:
    The “Loose Nut Behind The Wheel” Team

  135. fxsaucedo says:

    proposed make team name:
    “Loose Nut Behind The Wheel” Team

  136. Billy Wolford says:

    EKAM ‘Make’ spelled backwards

  137. Billy Wolford says:

    EKAM ‘Make’ spelled backwards

  138. T. Elder says:


  139. T. Elder says:


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