Native Kindle epub and PDF converter

Native Kindle epub and PDF converter

Over on the O’Reilly mothership, Artur Bergman writes:

In an editorial for Forbes, Tim called for the the opening of the Kindle, else it will slowly turn obsolete. Since I love my Kindle, I am happy that my friend, Jesse Vincent, a long time open source contributor and OSCON speaker, is trying to open the Kindle. (You might remember him as the guy who discovered Amazon’s USB-network easter-egg in the Kindle 2 last month.)

He is developing Savory, the first native Kindle application. Savory is an open source epub and PDF converter that actually runs natively on the Kindle. While it doesn’t add anything that you couldn’t do from a desktop, it streamlines the process, allowing you to copy epubs and PDFs to your Kindle over USB or download them from the web, and immediately read them offline.

Savory: Native Kindle epub and PDF Converter

4 thoughts on “Native Kindle epub and PDF converter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now I really feel lazy! I’m usually on my laptop, for which I have no
    PDF software installed… and I get annoyed just having to go into the
    next room where my desktop is, let alone up or down stairs! ;)

    Good find your post, thanks for sharing it. From time to time I’ve used CutePDFWriter, but it only serves to convert something to PDF, and not from (as far as I know).

  2. Jack Smith says:

    i have
    many books published on kindle via this has
    never been an issue for me

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