Near Space Balloon Update: The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt.

Near Space Balloon Update: The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt.


The payload is pink and bright orange and it’s lost. It’s the ultimate easter egg hunt ever!
We arrived in Coulee City late last night and launched today at 3:30. Our little balloon did great, but it is lost at the moment! 3ric writes on our wiki,


Our altitude was not 300,000 feet, as our google earth information displayed. :) It seems that one of the google earth data feeds on openaprs was providing less than stelar position information. No, we did not land on the moon. We did, however, reach 109,242 feet with our ballon. Due to some complications we’ll explore shortly… our batteries died somewhere around 60,000 feet during the return. Without batteries, we don’t have tracking information, thus making recovery somewhat hard. We can make some guesses based on the wind, but so far it seems kinda tricky to nail down a search area. It’s about dark here, so we’ll post more information soon, after our recovery crews give up search for the night.

We’re back from our search and we’re analyzing our gps data to see where we’ve checked today and setting up a plan to search the area. AHAB team members are analyzing the data to predict where it landed and then we’ll go check it out.

We’re on the lookout for a crop duster or small plane to go on the ultimate easter egg hunt tomorrow, if you’ve got a small plane or crop duster at the Ephrata airport or thereabouts the AHAB team is interested in obtaining your help to locate our payload!

Here are more pics tagged AHAB – Link

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  1. samurai1200 says:

    Ohhh nooooo!!! Better get that pod before someone calls in a bomb scare.

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