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Craftzine reader Helena was at the hairdressers and flipped through a recent Lucky magazine to find this bizarre and fun site, Net Granny. If you are nana-less, can choose your own Swiss grandmother to custom-knit you a pair of socks! I love that they will also let you know the sock-waiting queue for each grandmother.
From the Luckymag site:

This ingenious site lets you choose a real-life Swiss grandmother to custom-knit you a pair of socks. Click through photos and select a crafter (we’re especially fond of sweet-looking, silver-haired Annie, who says she knits to stay awake while watching TV), place your order, and then wait a few weeks for an airmail package to arrive. There are a couple of drawbacks: The site is all in German (but features a translate-to-English function), and the exchange rate is abysmal–but if you ask us, there’s no more entertaining way to spend $45.

Head on over to Net Granny to pick a Grandma and check this fun site out! (Click on English in the top right corner to get the site to translate.) – Link.

4 thoughts on “Net Granny

  1. barbara says:

    the net grannies were in the news here a while back – they were an instant hit, however there are long waiting times now, following the media hype (and some of the grannies get ill and a backlog builds up etc.).
    i don’t really think the exchange rate is bad at all to be honest, i’ve checked it out with a few currency converters …
    but yeah, it’s all very cute!

  2. lady coveted says:

    aahh! that’s amazing! i’ve been wanting an afgahn for a while now… but my grandma passed away a long long time ago, and my other grandma is not into yarn.
    what will they think of next? net baby?

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