New @ Maker store – Telekinetic pen kit & more!

New @ Maker store – Telekinetic pen kit & more!

Telekinetic Pen Kit

From Make: Volume 13, comes this great DIY Magic trick. Using a small battery, a magnetic reed switch, and a miniature pager motor, this device will fit concealed inside a fine-point Sharpie pen. When the magnet is drawn near, the contacts on the reed switch close, making the Sharpie dance and vibrate on the table.

*bbbzzzzt* Ultimate bored-meeting entertainment! – Link

Blinkybug Kit

The Blinkybugs are here! These simple, little electro-mechanical insects respond to movement, wind and vibrations by blinking their LED eyes. Great fun for all ages! Adult supervision recommended for use of glue gun (not included) in assembly.
Makes 4 Blinkybugs.

All the fun of glowing sensory-aware insects (without having to domesticate fireflies) – Link


Magnet Sculpture Kit

Build this magnet sculpture and experience the magic of rare earth magnets firsthand. Two powerful NdFeB magnets attract each other making it appear as if the cube on the cord is levitating. High-strength woven Spectra cord and connectors are included. Wood components have been cut and drilled, and are ready for assembly. The degree of finishing is up to you, but the hardwood in this kit will reward even modest efforts. Use of walnut throughout gives the finished product a rich look and solid feel. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of wood, but don’t have access to a shop full of tools. A real attention-getting addition to any eccentric cubicle and great introduction to rare earth magnets

Add a touch of visual elegance and a whole lotta eye-catching gravity defiance – Link

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