Old school coffee roasting, “La Esencia”

Old school coffee roasting, “La Esencia”

Daves Coffee roasting La Esencia style

Dave’s Coffee in Charlestown, RI, has just shared an old-school coffee roasting technique:

Straight from the mountains of Ecuador, we here at Dave’s Coffee recently came across a very old school way of roasting coffee beans…right on the griddle.

They call it, “La Esencia.” With a bad ass name like that, how could you go wrong? Coffee, be it Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, or South America, seems to hold the same mystical properties as an elixir to appease the mind. Oh yeah. It’s good.

So after a recent trip to Ecuador, David and Sandra Lanning (owners of Dave’s Coffee and Galapagos) brought back some “green” beans, a molar (a coffee grinder), and a “chuspa” (a special kind of coffee brewer). Pan roasting green beans bought for the farmer’s market is a method that has been used for hundreds of years by families all over South America. We decided to give it a go…

Old School Bean Roasting: Part I


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