Open Hardware Summit E-Paper Badge

Open Hardware Summit E-Paper Badge

Just another reason you’ve got attend this September’s Open Hardware Summit: the awesome name badges, code-named BADGEr! They’ve got an e-paper screen, an onboard ATmega328, and a microSD slot. It can also function as an Arduino shield! The boards were designed by WyoLum and manufactured by Seeed Studio.

4 thoughts on “Open Hardware Summit E-Paper Badge

  1. Izzabella Sayer says:

    This is really a great idea I think it could have a medical use to give reminders
    of appointments, medication
    It really is cool and a good design would love to see more items like this
    Thank you so much for the share

  2. Jason Dubrow says:

    Neat! Good to see projects like this. Would love to someday build a nice ebook reader. All the dev kits seem to be limited to 2.7″ displays (too small for an ereader). Anyone know where you can get larger displays?

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