Opendiag schematics & PCB layout

Opendiag schematics & PCB layout

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Jeff writes –

This page contains plans to build a device to interface RS-232 (a laptop computer) to the ISO9141-2 / SAE J1962 (OBD-II) diagnostic connector on many Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda automobiles. It should also work on many pre-OBD-II models. It has been tested on my two vehicles, a 1998 VW GTI 8v and a 1998 VW Passat GLS.

Opendiag schematics & PCB layout – Link.

20 thoughts on “Opendiag schematics & PCB layout

  1. jswilson64 says:

    Sheesh, what a grouch!

  2. StormyWetDry says:

    Agreed – a grouch!!!

    Items considered for the MAKE:Blog should only be (re)makes, How-To’s, and informative articles. If someone comes up with something but doesn’t want any questions about it, then more power to them, but it doesn’t belong here..

    It is interesting though – if you ignore the several requests from the author to leave him/her alone.

  3. philliptorrone says:

    @StormyWetDry – i try to look at this as an opportunity for people to learn from what he’s done and perhaps continue the work on their own (and answer questions about it).

  4. StormyWetDry says:

    @Phillip – Fair enough! I had no intention of offense. I just have that Maker mentality…

    I do agree that there’s plenty to learn from this work. And so I guess I stand corrected.

  5. HobHayward says:

    I’m sure if any of you were barraged with hordes of questions, you’d get tired of answering them, especially, if as he says, you can find the answers if you read the FAQ.

  6. Boardboy says:

    I’m tending to side with the author and Mr. Torrone on this one. I used to work for a manufacturing company and did a lot of things including tech support, and if people would RTFM then I would have been able to spend more time improving the product than answering the same 2-3 questions.

  7. GarrettM says:

    I work for a company that sells stuff aimed at light industry and hobbyists (Cubloc) and don’t have any problem answering questions for new users. Sometimes they need only a few hints and examples to get on track. It probably helps avoid bigger problems in the future caused by a shaky understanding of a few simple concepts. For example, one customer didn’t realize that integer variables could overflow, and by that time had a pretty complex program going. It took a lot of work to go back and fix all the places that could be affected by integer overflow. Of course, we’re running a business here instead of giving away a design, so we’re a little more obligated to help out new users than Jeff is. Anyway, it’s a great project and I welcome all tools for opening these unnecessarily obscure automotive networks.

  8. RussNelson says:

    Anybody else notice that this hardware (2003) and software (2001) are ancient history? Neither has been updated in over four years!

  9. volkemon says:

    @ boardboy- RTFM indeed! Havn’t heard that one in a few years…..still is true!

    This info is somewhat dated. The cheapie obd2 tool from harbor freight will do as much, and talk to any other car/lt truck sold since ’96 in the USA.

    The VAG (volkswagen/audi group) software looks like it might afford some manufacturer access, beyond the fedral OBD2 access. Follow the link, and you will see that they offer a OBD2 to USB adapter. Unknown if it supports other communication methods used in the OBD2 plug, by other automakers.

    I’m a pro , so I have about $7.5k in my MODIS scan/scope tool. ( Why I drive an old VW bus too! Cost me 1/2 what the tool that it carries inside did….)

  10. Sergio Rodríguez says:

    Hello, I am from Argentina and I have an Escort 1998 with EEC IV DCL MCU.
    In Brasil and Argentina Ford used, from 1997 to 1999 the EEC IV DCL, that is a EEC IV (60 pins) modified with
    a 16 pin connector (like a OBD2 conector).
    It connector use pins 4, 5 to ground, 16 to + Battery, 3 and 11 data pins
    and pin 7 ???. But nobody know comunication data (DCL).
    I have found information that Ford has used betwen 1989 to 1995 the same protocol DCL in USA, but wih other connector.
    I am looking for this data to connect the computer with my car.
    I hope that you have any information about that or where I can find it.
    Thanks and regards.

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