OUTDRA.WS – The most useful DIY post-it note

OUTDRA.WS – The most useful DIY post-it note

Christopher writes –

I came up with this self-organizing post-it note that you can print on your home computer. It’s helped me immensely, and I’ve received so many compliments, that I decided to make it available for free online.

If you’re like me, you live your life on post-its. Everything from grocery lists, to new ideas, to super important phone numbers that I should never, ever lose. It means that when I’m looking for that super important number, I have to look through every other post-it to find the one I want.


The OVERnote is something I came up with to help me navigate this paper sea. Now my notes are self-catagorizing and I can find things at a glance.


12 thoughts on “OUTDRA.WS – The most useful DIY post-it note

  1. losmuertos says:

    That’s great… but when you say you have to go through all your post-its to find a phone number, doesn’t that say something about your organizational method? Maybe it’s a good time to re-evaluate that strategy when that becomes a problem…

  2. finntj says:

    Silly question maybe, but how do you print on a post-it note? Doesn’t the sticky part cause a problem? I really like the design though. Great idea!

  3. Fastolfe says:

    It seems like this would require an awful lot of work darkening the areas you don’t want to be visible.

  4. Sperandio says:

    Thanks for your nice note:

    It’s a three step process: print out page one – this is the layout grid. Next, stick the super sticky post-its onto the grid. Finally, run this page covered in post-its back through your printer, printing the second page of the file onto your post-its. Now you have OVERnotes that you can use to better organize your life.

    Because super sticky post-its stay sticky after multiple uses, I usually stick a few blank ones in the back of my weekly planner.

  5. DigitalShepherd says:

    Great idea Phil! Thanks for the note :)

    (btw: It’s DYNCorp, the CEO gets a little irritable when people add the ‘a’ or drop the ‘p’.)

  6. ryangilmartin says:

    Krylon makes a post-it-glue in-a-can product you could use to make free-form full page or odd-shaped post-its… or just to save money on 3m products and save your printer.


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