Palmtop Aquariums

Palmtop Aquariums

I’m a fan of the teeny tiny things in the world.


This aquarium was born in response to a challenge: when recent news came out on the discovery of the smallest fish in the world, a friend from our forum commented “I’m thinking that if this fish ever gets commercialized, Rony is bound to make a setup that’ll need a magnifying lens.” Well, here it is…


And an aquarium made out of a light bulb! – Link

6 thoughts on “Palmtop Aquariums

  1. DGary says:

    The lightbulb is too damned cool man, now it just needs to be one of fully enclosed ecosphere aquariums and I can have one in my office in my hula girl lamp.

  2. Rundlicious says:

    These are so cute! Now I have to search for the smallest fish to match!

  3. rwo says:

    You could probably keep Triops in them. There are some little killifish that might work too.

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