PanaVise crank mod

PanaVise crank mod

Anyone who has an otherwise indispensable PanaVise, Jr. knows that that the turning knob can be sort of a pain. MAKE Flickr pool member Triggerdog7 got fed up with his and came up with this larger, easier to crank wooden jobby. Nice.

Panavise Jr Upgrade Crank

12 thoughts on “PanaVise crank mod

  1. John Park says:

    This is a significantly awesome modification! I have cursed that slow turning screw on a number of occasions, and applaud Triggerdog7 for doing something about it!

  2. Gareth Branwyn says:

    I know. That wing nutty knob thingy is annoying. Love this cranky solution.

  3. Spikenzie says:

    Every time I turn that screw, I think, there has to be an faster way.

    1. John Park says:

      No doubt. Marc and I discussed adding a motor at one point. I’ve always loved those belt and pulley systems like the steam engine guys use. I’d love to have a huge boiler at one end of the shop supplying power to turn my Panavise ;)

  4. PushTheOtherButton says:

    Yes yes Yes! A nessential mod that I will make asap to my panavise.

  5. PanaVisePres says:

    Here’s the deal. Goto Look for the link at the top titled contact. Select my name, Gary Richter, President. Tell me the following, swing arc (center of the 201 knob to the center line of the crank handle) you want. Easy on,easy off vs attaching a screw (in other words, do the course adjustment with a larger crank and then remove the crank quickly or leave it in place). Plastic or die cast metal.

    We have a very full plate making new products right now. Not something we will do next week. Maybe by the fall. Fill out the above and we will send you one to test comment on and or other goodies.

    Thanks for listening and a very cool idea.

    1. Gareth Branwyn says:

      Thanks for chiming in here, Gary! Very cool.

      Is this offer for anyone reading Make: Online? We can definitely loop back and post pics and feedback from makers if they request one of these from you and after they’ve had a chance to play with it.

      I love this sort of responsiveness from companies and us being able to play a part in helping consumers help manufacturers make better, more useful products.

      And thanks for the PanaVise, BTW (speaking of useful products).

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