Pay phone looking cell phone mod

Pay phone looking cell phone mod

phone.jpgHere’s a great cell phone mod from bernardroth’s Flickr page. It’s a standard looking payphone headset with metal cable converted to be a headset for a cell phone. I’m going to see where and if you can buy these…ya know, I had heard that many phone companies are removing pay phones, I wonder what they do with them. If I can score a phone handset, I think I could make an app for my Pocket PC phone to only dial phone numbers if I use my old redbox.

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  1. adambravo says:

    This is cool, but a bit of old news. Check out, or search for Pokia on eBay; there are all sorts of styles, from classic 40s styles to mod 70s styles.

  2. rmhall says:

    Hey Phil – made one of these last year with for my Nokia 6600 – I had a bunch of Plantronics armored cable payphone style headsets from some kiosks we were building – check it out here: Heavy duty payphone-style “Pokia” handset I dont have the box in front of me right now, but I know they werent that exepensive when ordered in bulk. I just found a couple other sources a second ago Headsetzon Walker w-3500-pn-00, and here AudioSears. Love what your doing with Make – keep up the great work as always!

    See ya,

  3. bernardroth says:

    I just bought a clear handset and I plan on putting a sub-mini connector on it. The handset in the picture above is from

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