Pedal powered snow plow

Bill Bumgarner wrote in to tell us about a great seasonal project one of his long-lost friends (who got in touch with Bill after seeing one of his projects right here!) made:

Kevin Blake, who by day is an engineer at Trek Bicycles, came up with the idea of using pedal power to push show about 13 years ago. In 1993 Blake built a recumbent commuter tricycle with a friend and remembers thinking “could I put a blade on the front and push snow?”

His friend was skeptical about it working at all because of traction and weight issues with the light weight trike. Undeterred, Blake figured that if he could “snowplow” with a regular shovel then it should be possible to use the legs in a pedaling motion to do the same thing.

1 World 2 Wheels: Pedal Powered Snow Plow

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