Penang Mini Maker Faire 2014 Is Next Weekend!

Penang Mini Maker Faire 2014 Is Next Weekend!

Malaysia for its first time is hosting a Mini Maker Faire in Penang. The Penang Mini Maker Faire will be happening on 15-16th November 2014 from 9am to 6pm. at SPICE, Penang.


They are expecting around 80 makers from different background such as tech enthusiasts, educators, engineers, science clubs and commercial enterprises to join the show at Penang Mini Maker Faire.

Exhibits such as 3D Printer, Origami, mini mobile robots and various workshops are aim to expose the community to Maker Faire. There will be an Origami Paper Folding Exhibition during the Maker Faire as well.



In conjunction with the first ever Mini Maker Faire, there will also be a 3D Printing and Design contest by 3DLantis, a company from Singapore.



To further explore who you might get to meet and talk to at the faire, you can find a bit of information on many of the exhibitors on Penang Mini Maker Faire website or Facebook Page.

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Vincent Kok (VK) is a Maker, a software platform application engineer in the transportation industry, graduated from USM in Master of Science (Embedded System Engineering). Vincent actively involves himself with the developer community, as well as attending Maker Faire events held in other parts of the world - Shenzhen in 2014, Singapore and Tokyo in 2015....Designing electronics hardware kits and giving soldering/Arduino classes for beginners are some of his favorite ways to benefit extra time he has. Currently, his focus is in Computer Vision technology, Test Automation, Deep Learning and constantly keeping himself up to date to the latest technology.

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