Please Stand By…

Please Stand By…

We have been doing some work on the Makezine site. You may experience some aftershocks of our server move.

We thank you for your cooperation and patience. If you experience any problems, or see anything missing, let us know in the comments.

[Cue elevator music…]

26 thoughts on “Please Stand By…

  1. Chris says:

    I think the podcast feeds may be busted. iTunes (yes, I know) is giving it equivalent of a 404 when attempting to check for new podcasts.

  2. Abraham Limpo Martinez says:

    Hey, you removed the “older entries / newer entries” at the bottom!

  3. kentkb says:

    [Cue elevator music…]
    Thanks, now I have Muzak version of “The Girl from Ipanema” stuck in my mind.

  4. Derek Tombrello says:

    Just wondering what happened to the page links at the bottom of the page? No more “next page”?

    1. jburke says:

      This +1!

  5. Mr Dan says:

    As Derek has already said, the page links have disappeared!

    The actual pages still work though:

  6. danrooti7 says:

    Ditto on the ‘more’ links, but this is actually something that’s irked me on the site for a while. I read most sites via RSS, but like browsing to directly for some reason. But the ‘More Posts’ link at the bottom there goes to ‘’ where _the same articles are displayed_, but with bigger pictures and more text. Before the links were removed, a user would need to scroll to the bottom and only then go on to the second page. It’s as though the “More Posts” button on the home page should actually read “The same articles again, only bigger” ;P Obviously the ‘fix’ is for me to browse to or just read the rss, but there’s just something about the home page that draws me in, and something about the funky “More Posts” behavior on such an otherwise awesome site.

  7. cyenobite says:

    Can you please consider adding a bit of a border (white space) to the left hand side of the page(s)? Having everything flush left right on the edge is giving me claustrophobia :)

  8. Halfvast Conspirator (@halfvastcnsprtr) says:

    Is that a Conelrad alert?

  9. brady wang (@bradywang) says:

    I think the rss is also broken

  10. Derek Tombrello says:

    blog.makezine hasn’t updated in several days….

  11. Chris says:

    Still appear to be having issues with podcast feed in itunes. I unsubscribed and resubscribed still getting an error.

    There was a problem downloading “MAKE >> MAKE Podcast”.

    The URL ‘” could not be found on the server.

  12. Sally says:

    February 16 and still not working… Same error message I screenshot and sent to Becky in January.

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