Pneumatic Cannon

High Speed Stuff Accelerator – Pneumatic Cannon In Action

Cobbler, made a pneumatic cannon and took it to the next (and significantly more dangerous) level of adding an air compressor! He shoots lots of stuff with it, including a broom!

Feel the power. The amount of fun you can have with one of these is limited only by your creativity in coming up with stuff to put down the barrel. Inspired by the weekend project seen on Play safe.

12 thoughts on “Pneumatic Cannon

  1. Shadyman says:

    Whoa. That sprinkler flag is dangerous! I’d like to see him shoot it at a pumpkin. It’d probably go most of the way through.

  2. carpetbomberz says:

    The sprinkler flag is cool, like a big blow-gun dart. But, what I especially liked was that deep re-sounding, resonance throbbing noise after the air is released. I’ve watched all the Make: Punkin’ Chunkin’ videos from the Delaware competition. Your small version sounds cooler at the end when it fires. The big air cannons squeal at the end for some reason.

  3. cfavreau says:

    The “honking” at the end is caused by the sprinkler valve. If you can open it up there will be a rubber/plastic diaphragm inside with a spring on it that act as a valve. Take out the spring. It causes oscillations (the honk) when the air supply is low (i.e. at the end of the shot). My valve had a bunch of screws on the top that I just took off. The sprinkler valve works better too after that for air. Any ways… nice job!

  4. krisbarrett says:

    I like the addition of the air compressor. The article says that this makes the project much more dangerous. I think it is okay, just as long as you choose a safe air pressure.

  5. SimpleSimon2 says:

    incredibly dangerous actually.

  6. Beanolini says:

    I knocked up a pneumatic cannon last year in a few minutes using two lengths of copper pipe, a ball valve, and a car tyre valve inserted into a drilled end stop.

    I felt a lot safer using copper than plastic- much less chance of shattering due to high pressure. Copper pipe is also a doddle to assemble if you’re using compression fittings.

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