Print logos on your morning coffee

This DIY project shows you how to build a morning latte printer using a x-y flatbed plotter (Philips 8155) that the author found on eBay. Pretty cool hack with a nice instruction set at the link below.

Latte art printing machine – how to build one! [via], Link

6 thoughts on “Print logos on your morning coffee

  1. Kozz says:

    Hurry up! The coffee’s getting cold.

  2. ITrush says:

    Cool, I’d like to have one please.

  3. foo says:

    As the related videos on YouTube will show you, this isn’t anything like latte art, which is actually created by the pouring of the milk through the espresso.

    At best you might be able to call this similar to ‘etching’ where a barrista uses the thermometer wand to draw patterns into the cup (sometimes with some chocolate syrup for contrast), but latte art it isn’t.

    Doesn’t make it uncool though!

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