Printable C02-Powered Pinewood Derby Motor

Printable C02-Powered Pinewood Derby Motor

sliptonic is back with a new pinewood derby car

It’s Pinewood Derby season again and I kinda enjoy making derby cars. This year, my youngest son and I made an awesome car for his bear den division… We also have an ‘open’ class where the rules are a little more relaxed. Last year’s car was fast and I actually won but not because I was the fastest. I was really impressed by a c02 powered car that another dad had made. He had trouble keeping it on the track, but it was REALLY fast.

This year, I decided to follow his lead but with more power. I designed this motor to be printable on a 3d printer like a reprap or makerbot. All the files have been released on Thingiverse.

4 thoughts on “Printable C02-Powered Pinewood Derby Motor

  1. Anonymous says:

    We did this in middle school shop class in ’88/’89, they’re called CO2 Dragsters. Only one cartridge though. In fact, the wood blank in the kit came pre-drilled with the hole for the CO2 cartridge.

    I do like the 3D printing aspect though!

  2. Honus says:

    That is awesome! I’ll definitely have to print one up as my boys would love this.

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