Prison Clock

Prison Clock

Roger W. Sutton, an inmate at Mountain View Correctional Institution in Spruce Pine, NC, built a working clock out of paper, popsicle sticks, and pencils, using only a razor blade, tweezers, and nail clippers as his tools (Mountain View must allow access to sharp objects). The clock has beautiful colors, too! I’d imagine that being imprisoned gives people a keen interest in the passage of time– and that there are probably many other amazing but little-known projects by prisoners. Link.

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  1. taloston says:

    Danny Hillis, eat your heart out!

  2. Taylor says:

    For more prisoner inventions, check out this project: >

    These inventions were recorded by an anonymous inmate (serving life in prison) and shared with Temporary Services, a Chicago art collective. The group published his correspondence in book format, then reproduced the inventions using the instructions/materials provided by the inmate (all done with his permission).


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