Prusa Announces Latest Resin Printer, Boasts Big Speed Boost

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Prusa Announces Latest Resin Printer, Boasts Big Speed Boost

Today Prusa announced a big upgrade to their MSLA resin printer, the Prusa SL1S. While the printer may, at a glance, look just like the original SL1, Prusa has taken their typical approach of incorporating user feedback and huge upgrades to the proven platform for a big performance and user experience boost.

The key points on this machine are:

  • A new LED array that is 4x stronger
  • faster tilting platform
  • New monochrome LCD
  • build area of 127×80×150 mm

And of course the biggest selling point is the speed boost they’ve mentioned. They can now do a single layer cure at 1.4 seconds (with the proper resin) or 1.6-2.5 seconds with any standard 405nm resin. That speed boost sets the tone for the entire concept of this machine. At $2000, it doesn’t compete with the cheap MSLA printers you see out there selling for under $500. The intended market here, are industries that require high reliability, and where that time savings will add up very quickly to cover the additional costs of the machine. It’s less for the home 3D printing enthusiast, and more for professionals, competing with companies like Formlabs.


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