Railroad spike rope dart

Railroad spike rope dart

While we’re on the subject of dastardly dangerous DIY, here’s a piece on how to turn a railroad spike into a rope dart, an ancient Chinese martial arts weapon. This video shows how a rope dart is used by a trained Kung Fu artist. Flailed around by someone who doesn’t know what s/he is doing is obviously a recipe for a knock-out, or worse, so proceed with all sensible caution.

How to Make a Rope Dart from a Rail Road Spike – Link

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  1. W.R. Stroman, Bladesmith says:

    When you are grinding the point , DO Not grind it with the point up as shown on the belt grinder. This could cut into the belt, and cause it to catch the spike , and fling it toward you!! Grind it with the point down, and all will be OK.

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