“Repurposed” – Clock into kinetic wall art

“Repurposed” – Clock into kinetic wall art


Tool Using Animal writes –

In this instructable we’ll convert an inexpensive clock into wall art with a subtly changing moire effect. I’m expecting the MoMA to call any second.

Repurposed – Clock into Kinetic Wall Art – Link.

12 thoughts on ““Repurposed” – Clock into kinetic wall art

  1. JafafaHots says:

    A real trick would be to think of a really complicated moire pattern that would let it still be a clock – with numerals, or numbers of spots or shapes or whatever signifying the time.

  2. JafafaHots says:

    feh. left out part of what I intended to say. What I meant is, a way that the pattern would resolve and then unresolve (dissolve?) the images as time passed.

    Some sort of polarization effect maybe…. which really is kindof what moire patterns are anyway.

  3. richms says:

    That is awesome!

  4. darline says:


    this is craaazzzyyy.

  5. rasputin1963 says:

    I think there are still lots of possibilities for resurrecting the concept of moire art… on the Web.

    I say resurrecting, because I recall that I had, as a child, a DOVER craftbook originally published in 1890 or so, which featured many highly detailed woodcut scenes which “came to life” as the user slowly scrolled down a clear plastic page printed with tiny parallel lines across the scenes… Water scenes figured prominently, IIRC, and objects would undulate as if licked by waves.

    As an Adobe FLASH artist meself, I am curious about the many ways moire “eye candy” could be used in animated web designs.

    I also remember from the late-1960’s (when I was just a small kid), that cigarette machines and animated bar signs would use moire effects to suggest water coursing down through a rocky brook (telling you that SALEM cigarettes, or whatnot, were just as cool and fresh…).

    Anyone here remember those bar signs and cigarette machines? Does anyone know of a place on the ‘Net where one can view those original apparati?

    Thanks, DAVE

  6. Paolo Manzelli says:

    I believe that the cynetic clock is a model for the conversion between space and time where time is shown by the wave patterns that appear and dissolve to an exact time duration. paolo manzelli pmanzlli@gmail.com http://www.egocreanet.it

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