Richard Feynman Video

Richard Feynman Video

When Richard Feynman was in school he would daydream a lot. I remember a story he told in his autobiography about being in a class in school looking at water running from a faucet and thinking about the curve that water makes as the stream gets thinner. Because he was totally obsessed with math and the natural world, he figured out the equation that would describe that curve.

Feynman also had a lock-picking habit. If someone he knew couldn’t open a safe, he’d go lock himself in the room with the safe and crack it in a few minutes and then sit there reading the paper for an hour so that people wouldn’t know how easy it was.

I’ve read transcripts of these interviews, but it’s really great to see them! I think every maker can relate to trying to put two sticks together to reach a banana! [via]

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  2. ConcreteCement says:

    Sorry I’ve looked every where but what type of Cement is being used in those examples? is it standard 42.5 N Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) ?

    How much is required, I see most of the big cement manufacturers work in Metric Tonnes as in Cement Suppliers.

    So how does 2000 lbs equate to MT?

    Many thanks, I’m planning a very large project ;)

  3. ConcreteCement says:

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    Many thanks

  4. Concrete Sealer says:

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