Savage Aural Hotbed at Make: Day

Savage Aural Hotbed at Make: Day

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Savage Aural Hotbed is a Maker-type band who bangs, grinds and pounds at their shows. They’ll be performing at Make: Day this Saturday, come check them out! If you’re curious about how they’ll adapt their set (and noise level) for the Science Museum, you’ll just have to come and check it out for yourself.

When asked how they describe their sound, this is what they said.

Think of anytime someone has ever blown across a beer bottle, used their mom’s pot lids for cymbals, or made a washtub bass. Now, run with that kind of thinking…run real far…maybe even try the long jump. The guys in Savage Aural Hotbed have trained themselves to think that way; to find the musical potential in everyday stuff. They’ll start with a pretty simple everyday kind of thing that every kid has tried (or wanted to try…), and take it to the nth degree. Remember going to the movie theater with your junior high pals and blowing through your empty candy box to make the cellophane wrapper make funny noises? Now imagine some composer type sitting in the back row, and instead of getting irritated with the kids, he strokes his goateed chin and goes, “Hmmmm…”

OK, sweet.

Make: Day is this Saturday, March 14th from 10am -3pm at the Science Museum of Minnesota!

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