Saw blade that cuts and sands

Saw blade that cuts and sands


The Final Cut saw blade packs sandpaper on the sides for a smoother cut.

The latest in saw blade technology. Fully patented and proven successful in cutting and sanding your work piece all at one time. Use with table saw and power miter boxes for the perfect joint or finished edge. No edge sanding is required after passing your work piece through the table saw and when making miters the joints virtually disappear. Make minor length adjustments by simply sliding the work piece towards the rotating blade (just like a disc sander). One operation produces two functions. Try it and see for yourself how easy it is to become a professional wood craftsman.

[via Core77]


13 thoughts on “Saw blade that cuts and sands

  1. bryon says:

    Where can I get the Pro version?

  2. Sean Michael Ragan says:

    Extremely clever. They need to come up with some kind of removable guard for the teeth of the blade so that you can safely use it as a vertical disk sander without endangering your fingers!

  3. lungofish says:

    Holy crap, this product will kill people.

    Tablesaw kickback is a big enough problem without adding something to the blade that will make it even more likely to grab the stock and fling it at the operator.

    I guess it’s called “final cut” because the last thing you’ll ever see is a chunk of wood sticking out of your sternum.

  4. yamaha_yzf600 says:

    I have found that if you use a high tooth count blade (80T ATB ground), you will get a perfectly smooth cut without the need to sand.

    I have also found that the woodworking world is full of gimmick products. Just because they make a $50 tool to do some task does not mean you need it to do a good job. There are often cheaper methods that produce results just as good as the gimmick.

  5. gear head says:

    depending on the offset of the saw blade’s teeth you can stick a disc of paper to any 10″ or 12″ blade. It does work quite well, and it does tidy up some tearout left by a less that razor sharp blade. If used as shown in this video.

    A word of caution here though. For anyone that thinks they can slap one of these discs on a table saw blade and use it as a vertical sander… NO., just no. The saw blade is not engineered to work with a lateral load and the blade is spinning way too fast for this purpose anyway, and that’s forgetting the 30-80 teeth spinning on the periphery. A sanding wheel is usually much heavier, spins slower, runs cooler and doesn’t vibrate like a saw blade will.

    I’ve been an on-site paramedic in an industrial machine shop and seen some terrible injuries caused by machine misuse, caused by inexperience and misadventure. Without sounding like a nanny, I urge users to only use high speed equpiment in the manner that is was intended for.

  6. hurlebaus says:

    Please, this is very dangerous, what is shown in the video!
    1) I am a german, we say “Spaltkeil”, this is benormally behind the blade 
    2) The operator handles without a stick to push the wood….very dangeous near the rotating blade!
    3) It is possible, that the blade can flatter….
    4) usw….

    This is absolutely an instruction to lose fingers and more!

    Please shut down this example!!!

  7. jeff-o says:

    A high quality, well sharpened blade will result in a cut that doesn’t need to be sanded, and may indeed be nicer than a sanded edge.

    This product is destined to hang unused on your wall, if it doesn’t kill you first.

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