Simple & Elegant compact keychain

Simple & Elegant compact keychain

Carlito’s Contraptions has a great, and simple, keychain project that anyone can finish in just a few minutes. It is so simple that it requires only 2 steps to complete, and step 2 is to “admire your creation”. It would be hard to find a more elegant solution to a common problem of bulky and noisy keys in your pocket. – Link

Calito’s “La Cucaracha” BEAM robot – Link

8 thoughts on “Simple & Elegant compact keychain

  1. Scott K says:

    Of course, part of the reason for a keychain is to increase its size to decrease risk of losing them all, and to give an additional handle to grab the bunch of keys by–I have a lanyard style key clip hanging out of my pocket, clipped to my keys.

    Also, neither my van key, car key, nor either vehicle remote are flat and rivetable. :)

  2. Mad Mike says:

    Yeah.. cool idea, !BUT! You just posted clear (copyable) photos of your keys onto the internet right next to a resume that has your address on it… that was a very poor idea. Keys are easy to copy. I’d change your locks…
    gee, just tell EVERYONE

  3. Marc says:

    Mad Mike –

    Wow, I didn’t think of that!

    Fortunately, those are not his current keys. Lesson Learned.

  4. Carlitos says:

    Don’t worry guys, those are not my current keys. So even if you do a set of keys from my pictures, you still wont be able to get into my house with them (my Bogota rake would be required for that ;) ).

    BTW, a big thanks to Make Blog for featuring my blog post

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