Sixth Maker Faire Atlanta Features 200 Maker Exhibits

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Sixth Maker Faire Atlanta Features 200 Maker Exhibits


If you didn’t already know, the Atlanta metropolitan area is a hub for southern makers of all stripes. From its early roots in railroad innovation, to its world-renowned art and music scene, to being the home of one of the oldest polytechnic institutes in the U.S., Georgia Tech, Atlanta has a rich maker history. In 2011, a group of Georgia Tech students band together to organize the first Maker Faire in the area. Now the city is gearing up for the sixth annual Maker Faire Atlanta, taking place this weekend, October 1 and 2, in downtown Decatur. This year’s event features over 200 makers sharing a wide range of projects. Here are 10, just to whet your appetite.


Songbells by Rick Claussen


Songbells are multi-tone bells that are meant to be played by hand. Each songbell is hand cut from a recycled air tank and tuned to produce multiple sounds depending on where and when it is struck.

Jellybox 3D Printer by Imade3D


Imade3D offers an education program for individuals and schools that covers the building and use of our award winning JellyBox 3D printer. Our goal is to bring manufacturing back to our local communities.

Feltastic Makers by Feltastic Fashion


Felting is like 3D printing, but 100% handmade with layers of wool fibers. Felting will turn wool into non-woven felt or solid sculpture. Feltastic Fashion will show you how!


Aquaponics: The Food Systems of Tomorrow


Makers Stephan Wright, Ray Williams, and James Agazia want to show you how aquaponics is the most efficient, productive, and sustainable food growing system in existence today. They will share their knowledge on how it’s the perfect marriage of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soilless gardening) producing organic, nutrient-packed foods.

Kids Drone Zone


Dedicated to teaching kids how to build, code, and fly drones, Kids Drone Zone will set up five tents and three Taste of Flight cages.

TruPani Copper Water Purifier


TruePani focuses on providing safe drinking water at the point of use in underserved areas. Their product, the copper lotus, kills bacteria and viruses in household water supplies.

Robots Everywhere by Makerspace Forsyth


Makerspace Forsyth‘s Robot Battle Beetle arena will be set up, as well as a Zumo robot sumo ring. Also making an appearance will be their remotely operated robotic mascot. A display of their 3D printers and examples of their custom robotics parts will also be on display.

Tyvek Skin-on-Frame Boat Building with Alex Pung


Alex Pung will show two examples of inexpensive and lightweight boats using materials available from big box stores: a canoe and sailboat built using this skin-on-frame (SOF) technique that anyone can master.

Fleur-de-Zine by Kesiah Galang


Ten-year-old Kesiah Galang makes comics, in zine form, of original characters like Mean Flower, Scared Ninja, Kitty, and Nushi-Maga. She will teach how to make your own zine and develop fun and interesting characters.

BootstrapCNC Router by Don Bailey


Come see a demonstration of DIY CNC routers in action and get free plans that you can use to built your own BootstrapCNC Router.

For all the information you need to join the fun in Atlanta this weekend, head to the Maker Faire Atlanta website!

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