Smart Knob Lets You Control Your Oven Precisely Via Phone

Smart Knob Lets You Control Your Oven Precisely Via Phone


It turns out that even former Amazon and Pinterest engineers can’t take a new product to market without spending years prototyping and testing. And that’s as it should be, say the pair behind Meld, a clever gadget that replaces the existing knob on a standard stovetop to connect to a smartphone and precisely regulate temperature.

“They say baking is a science and cooking is an art, but the temperature part of cooking is very scientific,” Meld cofounder Jon Jenkins told Forbes. “What we tried to do … is take the part that’s science and what humans are bad at and let you do the part that’s art — the flavor.”

On its second day of the recent Kickstarter campaign, Meld had pulled in more than $80,000 out of a $50,000 funding goal.

With backgrounds at Amazon and Pinterest, Jenkins and cofounder Darren Vengroff used their own funds to bring Meld to a place where they felt comfortable launching a Kickstarter campaign, with a promise to deliver to backers in October of this year.

Though it looks fairly straightforward, the system is technologically sophisticated. The knob communicates via Bluetooth with a sensor that is clipped to the side of the pot, and the device’s motor adjusts the heat.

The pair spent more than a year working with 3D printers and iterating the functionality of the entire system multiple times. They developed a proof of concept by July of last year, and they brought the gadget to a prototype by that November. This year they chose a manufacturer and last month they finalized the design before launching the Kickstarter April 7.

The knob and clip will retail for $149 together, but on Kickstarter the package is available for $129.

3 thoughts on “Smart Knob Lets You Control Your Oven Precisely Via Phone

  1. t-storm says:

    Clips to the side of the pot? That’s the cook top burner not the oven. Or am I mistaken?

    1. alrui says:

      A pot could be a dutch oven but further evidence of your point is that the control is shown in the picture with the label “front” which would again make it sound like a burner on the STOVE and not an oven control. This could also wouldnt work on a GAS oven control if the knob needs to be pushed and turned or turned to a “light” position which almost all modern gas ranges require. Its simply a gadget IMNSHO!

      1. t-storm says:

        Yeah, after reading the kickstarter page it is a stove top burner control. The MAKE article headline is misleading.

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