Sneak Behind the Scenes on a Historic Disney Ride in This Moving Documentary

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Sneak Behind the Scenes on a Historic Disney Ride in This Moving Documentary
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The mini-documentary Remain Seated Please tells the story of two youthful Disney fans, Hoot and Chief, who strike up a friendship based on their fascination for theme parks, and leads into them discovering a not-quite-recommended way of getting into the inner-workings of the massive EPCOT ride “Horizons.”

The video takes the footage the duo painstakingly captured of all parts of their illicit experiences, which began in the mid-1990s and continued for a number of years. As they become braver over time, they push deeper and deeper into the bowels of the ride, discovering and sharing the incredible design and engineering that makes a Disney ride work, all while struggling to evade detection. It’s a fascinating video, although the language may be too strong for younger viewers.

As a teenager I too snuck into EPCOT center late one night, and the simple adventure of walking through the park while closed and dark was one of the most thrilling moments of my life — including hearing stories of famous visitors from the maintenance worker that discovered me and drove me back to the entrance gates in his golf cart.

While we definitely discourage everyone from doing anything like that, or, of course, going as far as Hoot and Chief did, we appreciate getting to peek way behind the curtains, as well as getting to see their footage crafted into such a moving narrative.

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