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Spring into Maker Campus

Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to learn a new skill. Join us on April 9th by experiencing workshops covering everything from an introduction to sewing machines to making your own theremin.

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Sewing for Cosplay 101 – Intro to Sewing Machines - April 9


In this workshop, we’ll break out the sewing machine and go over the various parts, some of the stitches, and the basics of troubleshooting your machine. This workshop is part of a larger Sewing for Cosplay series. Feel free to jump into the series at any time!

Future sessions will include Intro to Seam Finishes and Shaping Fabric.

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Make a Nano Theremin - April 9


Have you ever wanted to learn to program but didn’t know where to start? Have you heard of Arduino, but you’re not sure what you can make with it? Or do you have a kit, and you need some motivation?

With this project, you’ll take an Arduino Nano (or Uno), add a few simple components and a bit of well-commented code, and make a customizable theremin that lets you create sound according to how much light falls onto a sensor. In other words: you’ll make a musical instrument you can play by waving your hand!

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Circuit Scouts for Educators and Parents - April 9


WELCOME to the World of Circuits! In this workshop, educators will learn to use the Circuit Scout Kit to teach the basics of how electrical circuits work and then put them to use to make their own unique inventions including amazing light-up cards, buzzing vibrobots, and LED circuits you can wear. We’ll work through the four basic projects included in the kit so that you can confidently share them with young makers in clubs, camps, afterschool programs, or at home.

All of the educational STEM content behind the kit projects will be covered, with ideas for how to share it with kids in a fun way. Tried and true tips for teaching electricity and circuits with be reviewed as well, including ways to keep your students safe. Plus, we’ll talk about the design process so that you can lead your young makers as they remix, redesign, innovate, and create with the Circuit Scout Kit.

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Dan is the Community Manager at Make: Community. He is also a space enthusiast, event organizer, and co-chair of Maker Faire Rochester. Dan can often be found developing hands-on activities for maker events through Rochester and New York State.

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