Taiwan’s Makerspaces and 3D Printing Expertise On Display at Maker Faire Taipei 2018

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Taiwan’s Makerspaces and 3D Printing Expertise On Display at Maker Faire Taipei 2018

For its 6th edition, Maker Faire Taipei returns this weekend, November 2-4, to Huashan 1914 Creative Park, a former winery and a site with a history of pushing the edges of art and culture in Taiwan. How perfect for Maker Faire! One of the most densely populated cities in the world in one of the world’s most densely populated countries, Taipei is home to a growing maker community, thanks in large part to the tremendous growth of the event over the last 6 years. Fablabs and makerspaces have popped up and persisted across the city (and country) and the work of their denizens a distinct feature of Maker Faire Taipei’s offerings.

With an expected audience of 60,000 and 106 carefully curated exhibits, Maker Faire Taipei has something to offer everyone: a haven for electronics and 3D printing enthusiasts, art and design junkies, and robots and humans alike. The event is organized around a series of themes designed to represents different elements of the learning process: Education (Integration), DIY Amusement Park (Creative), Making the future (Practice), and Parent-Child Play (Curiosity).

Here’s a look at last year’s event for an idea of what to expect:

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Here are a few standout exhibits and groups that will be on display, alongside an array of presentations, competitions, and workshops ranging from welding to micro:bit and AI with Raspberry Pi to microscopes to “digital healing flowers.” Here’s a link to the full range of projects.

Perkūnas Studio

Fresh from Maker Faire Bay Area 2018, Roy — a.k.a Jui Liang Hung a.k.a Taiwan’s most renowned 3D printing expert — of Perkūnas Studio will be on hand to display his fantastical creations and discuss his techniques. This video gives an idea of the depth and complexity of the process he uses to create the intricate final designs.

Here’s a look at the Metal Panther he created by observing the creatures movement, 3D printing the model piece by piece, and assembling it with nuts and bolts.

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MakerBar Taipei

MakerBar  promotes collaboration and social innovation through its 24-hour co-working and makerspace, as well as workshops. This year they will bring Binary Pottery, a 3D printing ceramics project.


Flux produces next generation multi-function 3D printers, as well as the desktop laser cutter, BeamBox (shown below). They will display a variety of projects and demo their tools.

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Botfeeder, which produces a wide array of 3D printing filament products and has participated in Maker Faires internationally (Tokyo 2016, Toronto 2016), will display its new products, tools, and techniques.

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JX Music Lab

JX Music Lab brings music technology to everyone with its MIDI instrument that runs on the Arduino Leonardo platform.


Farmtory-lab (Akihiko Satoda) takes on the challenges of food cultivation through aquaponics and seeding robot experiments, among other projects. They will be displaying a closed ecosystem aquarium “My Biosphere” at Maker Faire Taipei.

And that’s just a small sampling of the exhibits, workshops, presentations, and fun that awaits at Maker Faire Taipei’s 6th edition. You can find everything you need to know about on the website or follow the event on Facebook.


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