Take the Make: Online Survey. Get free stuff!

Take the Make: Online Survey. Get free stuff!

As you likely know, Make: Online is made possible by ads and sponsorship. Getting these advertisers is an important part of keeping Make: Online in business and in a position to offer the content and features that we we want, and that YOU want. We also like the idea (as does our advertising partners, Federated Media) of targeting advertisers that sell goods and services you might actually want to buy. To get to know more about our readership, we do periodic surveys.

Yeah, we know. Surveys! Joy! To make it more… uh… fun, we have a drawing. Just fill out this short Make: Online Reader Survey [The surveying is now closed. Thanks for participating]. As a thank you, we will be giving away to 10 Maker’s Notebook to randomly-chosen readers who complete it.

Important: Make sure you leave your email address at the end of the survey if you want to be in the drawing (your email address is for giveaway purposes only.) Thanks!


10 thoughts on “Take the Make: Online Survey. Get free stuff!

  1. Max says:

    I quit on your “short” survey because it just went on and on and on, rather stupidly at that. Once I answer that I’m RETIRED don’t go on and on about my job, my company, and on and on.

  2. Gareth Branwyn says:

    The survey is five screens long and takes about two minutes.

    Sorry Max, but you’re right. It’s not a “smart survey,” it doesn’t change its questions dynamically in response to user’s responses. Maybe if enough people fill it out and we’re able to get more, high-quality advertisers, we’ll be able to afford smarter surveying technology.

  3. follower says:

    Lol, what world do these people live in:


    *24. What do you spend a majority of time doing online, outside of work?

    Researching Products
    Buying Products
    Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc)
    Reading News
    Watching Video Programming
    Booking Travel

    Ummm, how about: creating content?

    Also, surveys that don’t give you an option to decline answering a specific question suck.


  4. Josh Kopel says:

    I took the survey.
    I love what make has done and am happy to help it attract “high-quality advertisers”.

    The funny thing is that the survey represents one of the clearest examples of just how little the old media advertising industry understands your audience.

    Yeah, I answered every question, but I sure as hell laughed at the constraints of whoever wrote it.

  5. Free Online Survey says:

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