Tales from Make: Online

Tales from Make: Online

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If you’re an avid reader of MAKE and can’t wait for the next issue to arrive, don’t! Get thee to Make: Online (makezine.com) and CRAFT (craftzine.com). They’re two of the most trafficked websites for all things DIY, from making robots to baking cookies, from citizen science in your basement to soft circuit sewing in your attic. At both sites you’ll find tons of original content: weekly projects, how-to videos, regular columns, guest authors, fun contests with serious prizes, and plenty more. Here’s a sampling of recent highlights.

How-To: Make a Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Guest contributor Diana Eng (Project Runway, Fashion Geek) shows you how to turn a classic Star Trek Communicator toy into a Bluetooth device that pairs with your cellphone to make and receive calls. makezine.com/go/trekbluetooth

MAKE Presents: The Inductor In the latest installment of Collin Cunningham’s infectiously quirky, highly informative videos, he examines a deceptively simple and often overlooked electronic component, the inductor, and the electromagnetic forces behind it. makezine.com/go/inductor

Make: Projects — Bottle Cutting Make: Online author Sean Ragan shows you how to cut bottles — to use as drinking glasses, flower vases, candleholders, whatever — with a glass cutting wheel and a blowtorch. makezine.com/go/bottlecut

MakerBot CupCake CNC Build In this ongoing series, Marc de Vinck meticulously documents his CupCake CNC kit build, from excitedly plucking the box from his doorstep to putting it all together to creating 3D objects with it (see page 46 for related story). makezine.com/go/cupcakecnc

Maker Events Calendar Did you know Make: Online has an updated calendar of maker-friendly events, hackerspace meetups, Dorkbots, craft fairs, and all sorts of DIY gathering goodness? Check it out, and add your own! makezine.com/events

Make: Newsletter Our free newsletter is a great way to keep up with goings-on at Maker Media, take advantage of special offers and Maker Shed deals, and get original content, such as Gareth Branwyn’s new Maker’s Dictionary column and Quick n’ Dirty Projects, projects you can do in a few minutes. makezine.com/newsletter/subscribe

CRAFT: All New and Swanky Our sister site CRAFT (craftzine.com) has a fresh new look and feel! At the heart of CRAFT are great projects with clear instructions and helpful photos, written by some of the most respected names in crafting, as well as by everyday crafters. The site covers the gamut, from knitting and crochet to cooking, home décor, crafts for kids, pet projects, sewing, photography, paper crafts, electronic arts, and more. And now it all comes in a lovely new wrapper!

How-To: Sew a Ruffled Scarf CRAFT author Brookelynn Morris shows you how to create a warm and stylish ruffled scarf out of an old sweater. Part of CRAFT’s “Me, My Scarf, and I” contest. craftzine.com/go/ruffledscarf

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