Tell Us What You’re Making For Front-Line Covid-19 Workers

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Tell Us What You’re Making For Front-Line Covid-19 Workers

As we’ve been seeing, makers and makerspaces are absolutely stepping up to fill the need for more gear. They’re making all kinds of things and sharing all kinds of files. While we’re trying to do our best to share projects you can do right now, and guide you on getting approved for medical gear, we could also really use your help in developing a clear picture of what is happening.

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We are seeing makerspaces all over the world delivering various goods to medical professionals, so we created this very quick survey in order to get a better grasp on the kinds of numbers being produced. The more entries we have, the more accurate the data can be.

Here’s just a taste of what we have, based on a relatively small amount of responses. These numbers aren’t as accurate as we’d like, but they’ll give you a feel for what we’re already seeing.

Of all the things that are being made for medical professionals, most of what is getting used appears to be Personal Protective Equipment.

Of the PPE that is needed, the bulk of what people are making is face shields (as opposed to things like gowns)

Of the groups surveyed, most of them have selected the Prusa design for their face shields.

Remember, these charts are made with what I consider to be too few entries to be an accurate picture. You can help though! Just fill out the survey if you’re producing materials for medical professionals or front-line workers.

This analysis is being done by Make Alum Aiphi Wang: Aiphi Wang enjoyed working at Make: from 2014 to 2017, helping empower makers to change the world. She is an MD, PhD and also holds a Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE) from the University of California, Berkeley.  

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