Thanksgiving Turkey-Making Instructions

Thanksgiving Turkey-Making Instructions

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Download the free PDF to get the full instructions on how to make the paper turkey! You’ll learn how to get started making or modifying 3D models, import them into Pepakura, and then print them out as papercraft plans! – PDF Link

Update: check out the 3D explodable turkey that Alibre made for us!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey-Making Instructions

  1. witczak says:


    Next time you post a paper project pdf, PLEASE set the perforate paper option to ON.

    Otherwise, tell us that it will take 3 hours to cut out and glue together.


  2. Isadivag says:

    Hi !
    Here are the pictures of “the french adventures of Brigitte’s release, the paper Turkey” :

    Click “view the slideshow” for a better result…
    It’s the story of Brigitte’s release and of the birth of the FLDC movement, “Front de Libération des Dindes en Carton” (=Front of Release of Paper Turkeys).
    Continue to safeguard the poulterers !

    Thank’s for the idea!

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