The Beauty of the Ultimate Cardboard Christmas Tree

The Beauty of the Ultimate Cardboard Christmas Tree
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Just like millions of homeowners and Christmas aficionados, a lavish Christmas tree adorns my living room. It’s a six-foot tall piney beast with all the glittery fixings. It may be artificial, but the kids in my family (myself included) love decorating it year after year after year. Never gets old! Christmas is truly a warm and joyous time to share and connect with family and good friends. I absolutely love this time of year!

Being a cardboard fanatic, it only makes sense for me to create a cardboard version of the symbolic Christmas tree. To be honest, I still scratch my head wondering why I have never tried making one before – maybe my love for the ol’ fake pine tree has been that strong since I bought it eight years ago. I didn’t want it to get jealous.

An example of how scrap cardboard can become a lovely Christmas tree
An example of how scrap cardboard can become a lovely Christmas tree

Cardboard Christmas trees are now very commonplace and are sold at numerous major ‘brick and mortar’ retailers, as well as online. They have become mass-produced commodities lacking the flare and originality they once held when I first heard of artist renditions a few years back. I like to think we can get back to the personal touch a handmade cardboard Christmas tree can provide. It’s just more fun, personal and interactive to make a cardboard tree in-home.

With just a few pieces of scrap cardboard, glue, a long ruler and some spray paint (also a drill if you want to make quick holes for hanging decorations), a fine-looking Christmas tree can be made in mere hours.

The included video showcases how I created a sturdy six-foot tall cardboard tree complete with a detachable tree trunk, star level and decoration holders. Like any craft I demonstrate on my Homemade Game Guru channel, I’m just there to provide the basic idea – it is your job to make the idea YOURS! Let your imagination go wild and make a tree that reflects your personality and tastes. Let the kids get involved with designing, choosing colors, and decorating. The bonding experience will be a golden moment worthy of enough photos to crash a 1TB hard drive.

I would like to wish the MAKE blog/writer community and all MAKE readers the greatest, happiest and safest Christmas/Holiday season. Enjoy and have fun…and remember NOT to throw away any of the cardboard you get. You will need it all for the madness I will introduce you to next year ;-)


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