DIY bookscanner kit

DIY bookscanner kit

The BookLiberator Project is designing an open source, open hardware book scanner kit, to make it easy for anyone to archive their book collections without damaging them. Though they certainly aren’t the first to make a DIY book scanner, what they are working towards is an easy-to-use setup using standard cameras, a simplified mechanical design, and straightforward software. The kit isn’t quite ready ready to order yet, but you can follow their instructions to make your own, and maybe even help out! They had a prototype on display at the HOPE conference, and it looked quite solid. I’m looking forward to the final version!


4 thoughts on “DIY bookscanner kit

  1. Alan Parekh says:

    Great project, I hope to see it in person one day. I think 2 servos to press the shutter buttons and a push button where the lifting hand goes would make it much more efficient. I guess a completely mechanical option would work great.

  2. The Daily Spank says:

    Put some LED lights in the ‘handle’ area near the corners for illumination and a button you can depress with your thumb to snap the picture. There is a small circuit that will trigger Canon cameras via the USB port, forget where I saw it exactly.

    This way you can turn pages with one hand and hold the ‘imaging unit’ with the other for capturing anywhere.

    The ultimate would to be to turn the unit upside down, so the book cover would be facing up, and put the triggers in the feet so when you place the book on top (like a roof) and press it down it takes the shot. Mobile book capture. :D

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