The First Maker Faire Sardinia Celebrates a Regional Culture of Innovation

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The First Maker Faire Sardinia Celebrates a Regional Culture of Innovation

This weekend, July 1-3rd, the first Maker Faire Sardinia will take place in Olbia, at the Archaeological Museum–chosen symbolically as it is not only located on an island within the island, but represents the millennial evolution of human manual skills: from stone to three-dimensional printer that runs through Sardinia’s rich history.

Conceived, designed and developed by Fab Lab Olbia, a regional leader in innovation and education, the 2022 edition is inspired by the vision of the Sardinian sociologist Bachisio Bandinu, who has written extensively about the relationship between traditional practices and innovation. The theme “Citizens of the world, local fabricators” joins Sardinian makers to the global community of makers who create and participate in Maker Faire and organizations and laboratories around the world that promote , celebrate and facilitate maker culture.

Maker Faire Sardinia is the first event in Sardinia that aims to celebrate the culture of makers and “bottom-up” innovation while remaining a place where professionals, enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds meet to present their projects, share their knowledge  and create new connections. The macro objective of Maker Faire Sardinia is to bring together the digital and manual spheres, culture and technology, craftsmanship and industry, in a family-friendly, informal and stimulating context that has grown since the movement arrived in Italy in 2013 with Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, to date the most important sector event on the entire European continent.

Makers + Projects

Check out all the makers and projects exhibiting at Maker Faire Sardinia HERE. Or explore the Maker.Island metaverse!

Fabricademy Textile and Technology Academy is an international, all female collective that runs a multidisciplinary intensive program that unites digital fabrication, the world of textile and biology, with the intent of exploration it has the interrelation between man-technology-environment through the notions of ecodesign, biodesign, intelligent fabrics and digital manufacturing. Fabricademy – @sardegnaricerche Textile and Technology Academy is the special project of the Maker Faire Sardinia 2022 made with the support of Sardegna Ricerche – Sardegna Ricerche @fabricademy. With an original exhibition project and a series of interesting laboratories it is presented to the Sardinian audience for the first time!

A group of three students, Manuel, Giorgio and Daniele and a teacher Rosalba, with previous Minecraft experience, have created in one world the reproduction of the archaeological museum of Olbia. LEARN MORE.

Emergency Design promoted by VAHA is the collection of digital craft products that accompany the many daily changes that the pandemic has made habitual. From smart working to the needs of children, to social distancing. Learn more about the VAHA Emergency Design Challenge HERE

Maker Faire Sardinia will dedicate part of the event to the bond that unites technology and art. The idea is to recreate a Wunderkammer, a sort of modern room of wonders, rather than a traditional contemporary art exhibition. A place to collect artifacts that tell the story of human technology through the works of contemporary artists.
The supports used are the most diverse: from stone to wood up to the non-matter of the pixel. The exhibition is curated by Nexus Collective (Francesca Anedda, Federica Piras, Valentina Salzillo), and will host the works of island, national and international artists including: Daniele Accossato, Martino Cappai, Emanuela Cau, Nino Etzi, Alessandro Giacomel, Giuseppe Loi, Alessandro Lobino, Mebitek & Jele Raus, Daniel Martin, Venceslao Giovanni Pio Mascia, Andrea Milia, Mozok, Rosalba Mura, Santiago Pani, Davide Viggiano.

Students learn math / physics / technology with MARRtino EDU and then move to space with the Italian Space Agency to present MARRtino on Mars to then see MARRtina live, the first Italian social robot that presents itself.

Nicola Dau: Play as Inley, the most intrepid adventurer of a broken video game, and help her fix her world to save her sister!

Proximity Ruff is an interactive 3D printed fashion garment obtained through a generative design process. It has the ability to monitor and encourage the social activity of the person wearing it.

Russolino is a robot that paints abstract and figurative pictures in watercolor. Once started he is totally autonomous in managing the colors and making the brushstrokes.

Did someone say workshop? @makerfairesardinia in collaboration with @neoludica

Dario Giorgetti, Virtual Photographer and Wired award journalist 2013: how do you take a virtual photograph?

Samuele Arcangioli, painter and teacher of Lithography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, will show with a performance how traditional arts can be applied to those of new technologies!

Christian Scampini, concept artist and Art director with 20 years of experience, will show all the artistic aspects of the development of a video game.

Maker Faire Sardinia would not have been possible without the proactive spirit that animated the relationship with the partners/supporters. Technical partners, media partners, institutional partners, food & beverage partners … a huge work team that has allowed us to make this edition unique. From the 4 partners/supporters of the first edition – Maker Island – The island of Makers – we have gone up to 27 of the second edition! An exceptional result that demonstrates the great confidence in the event and its future growth possibilities.

THANKS THANKS THANKS to Comune di Olbia, Camera di Commercio del Nord Sardegna/Innovation Lab, Sardegna Ricerche, Cipnes, Fondazione di Sardegna, INNOIS, Banco di Sardegna, Confartigianato Gallura, CNA Gallura, Honda, Make in Nuoro, Neoludica, NEXTUS Collective, Ordine degli Architetti di Oristano, Tiscali, Siportal, Ubisoft, Tucano, GEASAR/Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda, Special Occasion Services, Un sardo in giro, Verbum Press, Stay Nerd, GameSurf Powered by Tiscali, Rosinita, SanPaoloArt&Food.

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