The hazards of a Dad who’s a Maker

The hazards of a Dad who’s a Maker

I had just set the doll down on the floor of my studio when my kids walked in to see what I was making. Unfortunately, I was in the process of disemboweling yet another one of their beloved toys. This has happened once before during my Mechamo Crab build so I should have known better than to leave this kind of stuff lying around.

Even though they willingly offered me the old toy for dissection, nothing prepares them for the cruel reality that this once loved doll was…well, just a toy. Underneath the silicone skin is a bunch of plastic, speakers, wires, and motors, all waiting for me to hack apart and use in another project. It’s a Makers gold mine!

My youngest daughter asked, “Why did her face fall off?” I just smiled and said, “Daddy is making something for work.” She accepted my answer and happily ran off. I dodged that bullet! My oldest daughter was obviously fascinated by the inner workings of the doll. YES! She’s hooked…another Maker is born!

Do you have any funny moments when you were building something? Post them in the comments below. Thanks!

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