The Smallest Homes on Earth

The Smallest Homes on Earth

Brooklyn based artist Kevin Cyr seems to be thinking fairly deeply about commercial vehicles, and vehicles as housing. But he doesn’t just draw them, he also builds them. Back in 2008 he built a “sculptural piece” that any maker would be proud to have built, it’s an RV mounted on a bike frame; it’s a Camper Bike.

You might think this is just about as small as homes can go, but a year later Kevin went ahead and built a much smaller home off the back of a successful Kickstarter Campaign. This time he used a shopping cart.

In the same way the Camper Bike evokes the RV, the Camper Kart is actually amazingly reminiscent of the more mainstream car-pulled trailer tents that are fairly common at camp sites. However with the Camper Bike is an exercise in minimalism, the Kart is like origami. It folds out, with struts and flaps, and cleverly concealed storage, folding down and in on itself. Almost the exact opposite of the Bike. Intriguing.

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