The Ponoko 10-day Jewelry Design Challenge

Turtlemodel Product Page
Enter the Ponoko 10-day Jewelry Design Challenge and have a chance to win a grand prize of $1,000! Pictured above is the Turtle Tiki Necklace.
From the site:

Your challenge is to create inspired and evocative jewelry on a laser cutter — within 10 days! You can treat material in a variety of ways using a laser-cutter. You can cut shapes and mark patterns on the surface. You can create a single 2D piece or something more complex assembled from a number of parts. Laser surface treatments can be a graphic in nature or a texture. There are infinite possibilities for treating the surface of a material to add value and interest. Jewelry need not be 2D. You could make 3D jewelry using layers of material connected in an interesting way. Think about how multiple pieces can be combined to create an interesting design. Attention to detail, material combinations, connections, production feasibility and quality will be key to making your design stand out.

For more details on the challenge and to find out how to enter, visit the Ponoko Blog here. – Link.

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