The Softie Awards: Call for Entries!

Softie Groceries

The Softie Awards are here and looking for your plush creations! Just upload your entry to The Softie Awards flickr group and make sure you tag your photo for the correct category you are entering in. Here are the 12 categories:

  1. Best Bunny or Bear
  2. Best Rest of the Animal Kingdom
  3. Best Softie Cuisine
  4. Best Creepy Yet Still Cute
  5. Best Inanimate Object
  6. Best Holiday Inspired
  7. Best Pincushion
  8. Best Cozy
  9. Best Needle Felted
  10. Best Amigurumi
  11. Best Functional Softie
  12. Best ‘My-Softie-Doesn’t-Fit-Into-Any-Of-Your-Damn-Categories’ Softie

There are lots of cool prizes you can win and yours truly will be one of the judges. Check out all the rules on how to enter. All photos must be uploaded by March 9th. Link.

Photo © copyright 2007 by Laurie Frankel

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