There Are So Many Hands-On Educational Activites At Maker Faire Rome

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There Are So Many Hands-On Educational Activites At Maker Faire Rome

Maker Faire Rome understands that the key to an outstanding experience is to get hands-on. They have put together a massive area (think of an airplane hangar) full of hands on activites as well as sprinkled tactile experiences throughout the faire. Be sure to come see it in person on October 12-14.

Here are a few of the creative experiences you’ll find.

Creative Learning Table – innovations

A table with a wealth of tinkering activities to expand creative and manual abilities exploiting the creative re-use of recycled materials. This new space is dedicated not only to children but also, and above all, to parents and teachers who, for the first time, will have the experience of “getting their hands dirty” side by side with their children or students.

Kids! Fablab – Techno fashion design

Fabrics and electronic components will be available to parents and children who, together, must invent the most technological fashion design of this FabLab dedicated to wearable technology

VR Zone

In a “cinema” area for both adults and children, where they are immersed in a virtual reality, young and old will have a making and exploring experience, conceived and developed by the Codemotion Kids experts!

Mission to Mars 2.0

In answer to the great demand, the Mission to Mars is back again: the robotics arena which won over the public and the media at last year’s Maker Faire Rome returns in version 2.0 to involve young participants again in even more exciting challenges in which the active opponents are robots

Sound Makers


To create sound by programming: one of the new hands-on activities especially for youngsters at the Maker Faire. By means of a “live coding” text language also used by professionals, the boys and girls will be able to produce their first electronic music composition. A really fascinating activity to also involve teenagers!

OpenLab Area

In an hour-long tour, through an area of 500 sq. m., children and teenagers will be able to experience the diverse creative facets of technology without adult accompaniment! This year they can get to grips with coding, robotics, making and augmented reality activities, which really are not-to-be-missed!

  • Coding Challenge – Small individual and group challenges, also against the clock, to develop problem solving skills through coding
  • Robot Labyrinth – Thanks to a brand new system of coding blocks created by Codemotion Kids dozens of mini-robots will be programmed to independently find their way out of an intricate labyrinth.
  • Augmented Reality Makers – At this year’s Maker Faire, augmented reality is used in a completely new way: to create virtual inventions that are animated and interactive!
  • Droid Creators – Let’s learn to build, pilot and programme a droid like those in the science fiction films.
    Thanks to the educational kit called Littlebits and the participants’ coding and inventiveness, it will be possible to create a real choreography of droids!
  • Explorer Robot – The acclaimed little robot Cubetto is the protagonist of an exciting adventure: with the aid of the young participants, he will have to explore an unknown world. A cross between fable and coding, thanks to the expert educators Codemotion Kids!
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