This Week in Making: Mobile VR Vans and the Best Halloween Costumes

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This Week in Making: Mobile VR Vans and the Best Halloween Costumes

Nowadays, we can all appreciate the chorus for re-shoring American manufacturing and hope that it may bring some jobs back to our communities. Yet the irony here is that, despite the wide recognition of our declining manufacturing base, proposals for manufacturing start-ups only grab investor attention when they are so compelling, so promising, that they can quickly scale to mass-production in China.
— “Manufacturing Heroes: Or… On Not Making-It in America” by Ted Hall


Here’s a project to punch you in the gut: Yi Fei Chen created this squirt gun that collects tears as a way of expressing herself when her sense of politeness had kept her from speaking out against harsh treatment from her tutors.

We really don’t know much about this van spotted near the Make: offices. What do you think? Cool new VR based business or very futuristic kidnapping scheme?

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This week we posted a neat little project: an LED candle that you can blow out. But one commenter already had a great take on this project. Instead of using a sensor that can tell the difference in air temperature when you blow across it, his build (which you can find on Instructables) uses an affordable microphone that senses the sound of blowing on it so you can “blow” out the candle. Bonus! His design can also be “laughed” out, as seen in the adorable video above.


Halloween has come and passed — Booooo! — but we’re not quite out of the spirit. You can still enter our contest or vote for the projects you like by viewing and respecting them on our Community Projects hub. Remember, you have until November 16th to enter your Halloween haunted house or costume project into our contest.

Note: We’re not sharing anything that’s been submitted to our contest because we don’t want to interfere and skew the popular vote, but you really should check out all the projects that have been posted so far. There are some good ones!

Here’s 5 of our favorite costumes and projects from around the web:

The sexiest costume was also the most meta.

NASA isn’t too cool for a pumpkin contest.

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Ridiculous. Amazing. This costume makes me want to play Pokemon Go again. …Wait a second. Is that a Tinder notification?

[via Kotaku]

You’ve no doubt seen (and loved) all the Stranger Things wall costumes, but this Demogorgon costume is out of this universe!

(See what I did there? Don’t worry, I am in fact patting myself on the back.)

This is the best pet costume. I don’t care how cute your pet is, you will not be able to change my mind on this.

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