This Week in Making: Edible VR, Racing Banana Cars, and Drone Legislation

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This Week in Making: Edible VR, Racing Banana Cars, and Drone Legislation
Photograph courtesy of Mindtribe
Photograph courtesy of Mindtribe

The Bananaghini was Mindtribe’s first foray into the world of Power Racing Series. The team summed up their experiences modding and racing their yellow lamborghini in this restrospective.

eVr preview
Photograph by Caleb Kraft

Virtual Reality is looking… not yummy, but at least edible in Caleb Kraft’s latest episode of Controlled Chaos. Watch as he eats a graham cracker VR headset.

Are backpack based PCs the future of VR gaming? This gaming rig makes us think of Neal Stephenson’s “gargoyles.”

Adam Savage hugs a young fan in the crowd.
Adam Savage descends from the Electric Giraffe to give a hug to a fan. Photograph by Hep Svadja.

“…what we have in the maker community is largely a group of people who support each other, who care about each other’s work, and who believe that it matters to all of us that we make, create, build, and shape things.”

Photograph courtesy of Drone Sports

Two bills introduced in California could criminalize the use of ASL-style combat drones. There’s still time to contact your representative if you live in California.

What role does making play in your life? For Martin Mander, upcycling retro tech and posting projects on Instructables is what gets him through good times and the bad.

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